Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paw Paw Goes Bluetooth

I got me a new celular phone recently when my old tracfone went missing. This here new tracfone is a video camera a photo camera and an mp3 player. I installed a 4G memory card in the phone and added a bluetooth Dongle to my old PC. I took a few phos of the memory install and made a video:

So the next thang I did was install the dongle ass backwards from the instruction sheet. Online they all said install the disc first then the device. Halfway through the install it goes by the way, no device recognized. So I read the instructions taht came with the dongle and it plainly say install the dayum hardware first then insert the software disc. Duhuh. So I did a video and uploaded it to my youtube channel:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Can Chua paw Paw style

Tonight I made some Can Chua for my good friend JB who has been under the weather.
This stuff is Viet Nam soul food with a twist. Taste like a fabulous gumbo gone wild I garontee. I took some photos:

Yall have some!
I am on my 3rd bowl Yall! Forgot to mention I added pineapple in there too. Next time I might add in some roux to this just to creolize it. LOL

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beer Bread 1st attempt

Tonight I cooked some Beer bread from a recipe I have been trying to perfect. The intent being to make the perfect bun to go with the perfect burger. I took some Pix. Granny ate half of it, I ate dang near the rest>

Note: I also added 3 teaspoons of bread makers yeast on top of the mix.

After dumping all the regredients in I turn on the machine to quick bread and let it mix the dough and heat the dough then after 15 minutes I unplug it. I remove the dough, get the paddle out and dump the dough back in and then let er rest and rise fer an hour.

55 minutes I unplug her and dump the bread onto a rack.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Emma's At it again yall

My neighbor has her Hallerween decorations up. I took a few pics! Scarry LOL!

And the scariest one is:

Maddy had to get in there too! LOL