Tuesday, August 16, 2011

F-35 fix


  1. Thanks for the wonderfully detailed tutorial! We definitely will be using your advice to get our washer working again...fingers crossed! :)

  2. I have a Whirlpool Duet (steam model, built in 2007). Getting the ever common "sud" and "F35" error. Done all the typical research. Took top and bottom off. Everything clear. Have not taken back off and looked at the actual "air trap". But, I can blow throw the black tube that connects to the pressure sensor switch. All research seems to point to the notion/belief that my sensor is bad.

    4 basic questions (with several related sub-questions):
    1. What does this "switch" reeeeally do? In what manner? Is it for safety? Because, well, my problem is probably that electronic switch because if I just disconnect that black hose and put the top end of that black hose outside the washer, then my machine works just fine. ..although I have not done a steam cycle yet. Is it safe to do what I did (unhook the black tube)?

    2. I have read online that Whirlpool has SEVERAL replacement versions of that switch. How does a person know which version to get and which Whirpool part number is TRULY the latest/greatest/best?

    3. Air trap. Did you check that first?

    4. Air dome. Did you also check that?

    thanks for the video on how to uninstall that switch.