Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I been workin on my Old Hondo Smoker yall

Are yall ready fer some Feetball? Hayell yeah! I was messin around on Mr Al Gore's internet when I came across my twin cousin from another planet: JB. He was showing off his vast collection of fancy outdoor cookin equipment and did a segment on smoking. I noticed his setup and had an inspiration yall! My backyard throwdown featuring my trash pile picked CharmGlo and my Newly revamped JB grill is back yall, ying and yang have been balanced out yall. This is the prototype of the latest New Braufels Duel Fuel Smoker grill LOL! The propane grill in the firebox and a removable charcoal pan in the main body with a patented Dubya J sliding grill, Used to remove the food from the direct heat source without messing with the meat. I took photos (click on pix to enlarge):

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