Friday, September 30, 2011

I made some Gumbo. Yall have some!

I took the time to make a quick shrimp gumbo to show yall how easy it is.
I took some mo fuzzy photos:

I went ahead and cleaned my shrimp first and added the shells with the heads to a bit of water, some powder crab boil seasoning and broken pieces of bay leaf. I browned off my roux on medium heat, added in some chopped trinity in the last minutes, and added in my strained stock. I let it come to a boil and added in my okra and a good dollop of Oyster sauce. Got me another beer and checked my email, then when I needed another brew, I dumped in my shrimp. Seafood goes in last five.

Kill the fire and let every body get happy for 30 minutes then pour it ova some rice with a little bit of hot sauce.
Note: The File powder can be added to the roux, to the gumbo while cooking, and it can also be added as a condiment on top of yer bowl of dry rice and fresh seafood Gumbo ala Paw Paw. Party on!

Got about a butta bucket of gumbo left ova. Granny had 2 bowls yall! I had 3 :D

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