Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Makes Some Real Mac and Cheese Yall

I am making Granny some of her fave food fer supper. It will last a long time in the ice box as well. Take a look:

Boil them macaroni's fer 9 minutes then drain em good and place em in the Pyrex dish, whisk in the eggs with the milk and toss yer butter and flour into the same pot and cook that just enough to get the flour taste out the mix, then whisk in the
egg/milk mixture and then dump in the cheese. After 5 minutes pour into the dish and mix the mac and cheese then put it in the oven fer 30 minutes on 350f. It ain't rocket science.

This weather has been so dang crazy, the internet keeps a going in and out. We gonna get er done and maybe post a photo of the final product when this storm dies down.

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  1. When the weather gets dry we gonna make some fudge and divinity candy too.