Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Night Stirfry


  1. Looks hard but it ain't. I added a little soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine to the meat and a little bit of corn starch. I fried the meat till browned well and added it ot the hot pot. I dumped the oil and sauteed the veggies. I let everythang get happy fer a few then I dumped them into the hot pot and did my sauce. Added sauce to the hot wok,let it tighten up, then I added a cup of water and worked it till it looked Chineasy, I dumped everybody back into the wok and let it get happy. How happy? Only yall can know that. When I first started out which was not that long ago I screwed up but I kept at it.

  2. The Wok.
    The food.
    The PC.
    The Beer.
    The fun.
    All free.
    Love that