Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smoked Mullet, Conebread, and Fried Squash Southern style

Today i was busy yall. My older sister had some problems. I lit her water heater, fixed her shower knobs, charged her truck battery up, and helped her get some gas fer the vehicle. This afternoon I went over to Big Save Seafood on DIP and bought me some deep diving mullets fresh out the gulf. i got the guy to cut em up for smoking and got busy. Took some pics:

I started the fish around 3:30 the temp was around 150f:

I got started on some fried squash fer Granny and some cone bread:

That meat is so tender, with a smokey hickory crabby like thing going on. I saved some meat fer my okra Gumbo I am makin tomorrow, this will add a great flavor dimension to the gumbo. Watch out fer them fish bones and party on yall!

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  1. I went out there around dark and collected my fish and plated up. I gotta say that fresh gulf taste from them deep diving mullets blew me away.
    These were not the ordinary canal mullets from Dog river. These are the salt water variety. their is a big difference. That's why I call em deep divers. if I don't get hungry and make sammiches out them left ovas I intend to add them to my gumbo tomorrow.