Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Dinner yall

I start out by making some turnip greens and roots. Use a half bag of turnips and a couple of roots. I add some sugar and salt to taste with a slice of bacon and a little chicken frying grease. Get it up to speed then crank that fire down to low simmuh while I cut my barnyard pimp up. I toss all the innards into a pot fer some dirty rice and let em all get happy in the hot tub on low heat whilst I fry off my chickens. I sprankle them pimps with some seasoned salts on both side and toss em into some flour that also has some seasoned salt in it. I dump in 4 pieces at a time into Granny's cast iron chicken fryer. When them barnyard pimps is all happy happy I start in on my conebread babes!
I dump out all except around a quarter cup of the flour outta that bowl I been using to coat them chickens, if I have any excess left and I start my cornbread. I also have been simmering some chicken innards on top the stove. That includes them gizzard which I cut in half cause I have company commin and always the part that went ova the fence last. Poppa always called that Chicken a la Butte. I always have company on Sunday fer supper, cannot figure out why oh yeah cause Paw Paw cooks! That's right boy I been busy! I dump my 1 cup of rice into the dirty rice pot at around the same time I gonna do the cornbread so that they both get did in 20 minutes. Multi- tasking babes:

Here is some virtual fried chicken fer JB. Anytime he want some chicken he can watch this movie:

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  1. Captain's log:
    Mrs Vickie (the little wife) always hooks us up some phenomenal mashed taters and biscuits. I also keep plenty of that coleslaw handy, yall have some!