Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to make a great Hamburger Part 1

Great burgers start with great ingredients yall. I went to Wally World today and spied a 3 pound package of Ground Chuck. I busted it open and made me 12 nice sized hamburgers. But if I decide to go with chilli, or meatloaf, or even my famous Chinese spaghetti, I can use as many of these patty's as I like. Plus I KNOW what I have. This ain't yer box of frozen breaded crappy pattys. Nawsir. These is honest to goodness GOOD Yall!!!

I got 12 burgers fer $8. A little Montreal steak seasoning on both sides on a hot grill with some toasted bread and a cheese slice and you got yerself fine dining son. 60 cents a burger. And it tastes betta than any dang hamburger patty yall can get from a box I Garontee that one.

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