Friday, September 30, 2011

I made some Gumbo. Yall have some!

I took the time to make a quick shrimp gumbo to show yall how easy it is.
I took some mo fuzzy photos:

I went ahead and cleaned my shrimp first and added the shells with the heads to a bit of water, some powder crab boil seasoning and broken pieces of bay leaf. I browned off my roux on medium heat, added in some chopped trinity in the last minutes, and added in my strained stock. I let it come to a boil and added in my okra and a good dollop of Oyster sauce. Got me another beer and checked my email, then when I needed another brew, I dumped in my shrimp. Seafood goes in last five.

Kill the fire and let every body get happy for 30 minutes then pour it ova some rice with a little bit of hot sauce.
Note: The File powder can be added to the roux, to the gumbo while cooking, and it can also be added as a condiment on top of yer bowl of dry rice and fresh seafood Gumbo ala Paw Paw. Party on!

Got about a butta bucket of gumbo left ova. Granny had 2 bowls yall! I had 3 :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smoked Mullet, Conebread, and Fried Squash Southern style

Today i was busy yall. My older sister had some problems. I lit her water heater, fixed her shower knobs, charged her truck battery up, and helped her get some gas fer the vehicle. This afternoon I went over to Big Save Seafood on DIP and bought me some deep diving mullets fresh out the gulf. i got the guy to cut em up for smoking and got busy. Took some pics:

I started the fish around 3:30 the temp was around 150f:

I got started on some fried squash fer Granny and some cone bread:

That meat is so tender, with a smokey hickory crabby like thing going on. I saved some meat fer my okra Gumbo I am makin tomorrow, this will add a great flavor dimension to the gumbo. Watch out fer them fish bones and party on yall!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Makes Some Real Mac and Cheese Yall

I am making Granny some of her fave food fer supper. It will last a long time in the ice box as well. Take a look:

Boil them macaroni's fer 9 minutes then drain em good and place em in the Pyrex dish, whisk in the eggs with the milk and toss yer butter and flour into the same pot and cook that just enough to get the flour taste out the mix, then whisk in the
egg/milk mixture and then dump in the cheese. After 5 minutes pour into the dish and mix the mac and cheese then put it in the oven fer 30 minutes on 350f. It ain't rocket science.

This weather has been so dang crazy, the internet keeps a going in and out. We gonna get er done and maybe post a photo of the final product when this storm dies down.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stuffed peppers

I went by B&H food market and also Joyce's vegetable Market on DIP. I found some great deals as usual. I decided to post a few photos:

Don't that look purty yall?

Can yall smell that? Time to get them peppers out the oven yall! Bon Appetite!!
I will try and post yall some photos if I don't eat the evidence first ! LOL

Captain's Log yall:

Oh Yeah babes!