Monday, January 16, 2012

Kicked up Ramen Noodles !

I been messin around with some Ramen noodles dishes.
It was lunch time and a sober and hung over Paw Paw decides to cook some Ramen noodles mainly cause times is tough yall. But it don't mean you cannot enjoy a meal done your way. In this fist attempt I make the Oriental flavor:

Having emboldened myself and also dryed out a few days because of being broke mainly, I grab the last piece of Conechuh Sausage and cut it 8 ways to make it stretch, added some bell pepper and onion a little broccoli, and a few thinly sliced carrots that I knotched up to look all fancy like them Chinamen do. For the sauce I have 1/3rd cup of chicken stock, a tiny amount of 5 spice powder, a little bit of fish sauce, and a tiny amount of corn starch:

Bonus footage. I do a taste:

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