Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Acer Aspire Laptop Blues

Aspire one D257-13473 MFG Date: 2011/09/26 LUSFSODOO11382373A7600 SNID: 13814521076 acer group CO.7S201.061 Product Key W6Y6V-C8PHV-6Q7MK-89GQ4-K6GXH X16-96078 00190-509-298-349 Misc numbers: C E1856 inside the back cover: TSA3UZE6BTN0030261O-05 N REV: 3B 20110728 TSA;EAZE8005010 REV:3A 11.07.28.D B 5# Numbers on hd: 771181-S3F-AA 211519FC 11A 2061-771672-R04 04RD7 XL AF21 A7E9 2 0001510 1511 TOPSEARCH E96816 TS-M-8V02C DG 94V-0 18373-04 Note: Had to remove keypad to get to 6 or more mechanic stopping screws holding back door on. Once screws removed had to depress hole marked unlock door. Once the bottom gets off Hard drive is easily removed. Bottom snaps back no need to replace screws.